3 Facts About Coffee | #beautytips | @BISD_Tweets

You wake up in the morning, and you feel all tired, your eyes barely want to open and you already know you will be 10 minutes late for work. Your body does not want to function, your brain doesn’t cooperate and all you can think is: “Coffee, I need coffee”. But did you know coffee has also many other benefits than just to make you motivated and energised in the morning? It is actually good for your skin and here are the 3 reasons why.


  1. Antioxidant! 

Antioxidants fight premature ageing of the skin dueImage result for coffee powder to heat, light, pollution, and damaging free radicals. Coffee’s antioxidant properties aid to protect from this damage due to  flavonoids that are released when this delicious drink is brewed. Coffee’s antioxidant compounds include caffeic acid, caffeine, the chlorogenic aci
, eugenol,gamma-tocopherol, isoeugenol, p-coumaric acid, scopoletin and tannic acid. In fact, coffee is the primary source of beneficial, protective antioxidants and you should consider adding it to your morning routine! #


2. Scrub Image result for coffee powderaway!

Coffee grounds are ideal for making a natural and inexpensive homemade body scrub and are effective without being harsh. They naturally exfoliate dead skin and will leave it silky s
mooth sans irritation. It can also calm inflamed and red skin thanks to the same antioxidants that protect it from premature ageing.


3. LuscImage result for coffee powder hairious hair!

Yes, we are telling you to put coffee in your hair. Why? Make a DIY hair mask, applied to damp, freshly shampooed hair will add some depth to your hair colour and give it an extra shine.


Need a recipe? Got you covered:

Take 1 table spoon of honey and olive oil each and add 2 teaspoons of coffee powder to them. Combine well to make a smooth paste. Apply to your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off. Coffee hair rinse is easy to make and can be used to enhance the texture and the colour of your hair.

So that’s it lovely darlings! Brew that coffee in the morning and then after work, treat yourself to a DIY hair treatment for beautiful, luscious hair.

Fancy something sweet with your coffee? Find out about Esthechoc, the one and only beauty chocolate.


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